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Full Bleed Ad's

Finish AD size with trim 8” x 10.875”

For ads that include bleed, please be sure to include a bleed of 0.125″ beyond the specified trim dimensions on all 4 sides. Please keep all non-bleed images, artwork and text 0.50” inside the trim dimensions to avoid any problems

AD size with bleed 8.25” x 11.125”

File Format: Print ready Adobe PDF, Adobe Illustrator or Complete Packaged Adobe Indesign files only. Please Outline or embed all the fonts. Images and graphics need to be 300 dpi, actual size; CMYK color model; .TIF or .EPS format.

Bleed only, no crop marks needed on PDF documents.

Email AD to: [email protected]

300 dpi, actual size; CMYK color model; .TIF or .EPS format.

600 dpi minimum; CMYK color model; .EPS or .TIF format with color preview. In Photoshop, black text should be created in black channel only to avoid registration problems at press.

To avoid over-saturation of ink, the total combined value of CMYK colors should not exceed 300% (i.e. C=100, M=50, Y=50, K=100). Any one color with a required value over 85% should be made solid. Raster images from PhotoShop should also not exceed the 300% ink saturation limit. Backgrounds with a fill of 100% on each of the CMYK plates would equal 400%.

“Registration” in the color palette should never be used. The total ink percentage is 400% and could cause problems on the printing press.

Ads should be converted to CMYK prior to submission as color shifts may occur. Ads received in RGB color mode will be converted to CYMK with black text being converted to 100% black if possible.

PMS spot colors should be converted to CMYK in the colors palette prior to saving a PDF since colors do not always convert accurately. Transparent drop shadows sitting on top of a PMS color can cause problems.

Reproduce all reverse lettering with a minimum of colors. Type smaller than 8-point with fine serifs should be avoided. Small CMYK or RGB black text will be converted to 100% black if possible.

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