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This site is not owned by or affiliated with, the online provider of personal loans.
(Though it did used to be an independent 3rd-party discussion forum about lending at Prosper.)

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Prosper Forum History:

The original and official Prosper forum (previously located at operated from February of 2006 to November of 2007...

That original forum eventually contained over 400,000 individual unique posts from both Prosper lenders and borrowers. These posts covered lending strategy, loan statistics, different ways to calculate performance, "individual loan vetting", and myriad other topics. Unfortunately, some of the items posted by users in the forum contained personally identifying information, despite Prosper's official policies and repeated warnings against posting such. That's a shame, because, while 99% of the posts were pretty much useless (noise), somewhat < 1% were pure gold (signal).

In November of 2007, the Prosper forum was shut down, presumably due to concerns about user privacy. Many potential borrowers (who no doubt hoped to increase their chances for funding) had begun to reveal enough personal information within their forum communications to make it easy for the unscrupulous to triangulate their identities. (It's probably important to note that Prosper, itself, never disclosed personal information about any of its customers - but, by providing a forum for its users to communicate with one another, such stuff just began to occur, out of its control.)

After the first Prosper forum was closed, Prosper launched a private (site-integrated) forum to replace the previous public (non-integrated) forum.

That forum - though private, and limited only to Prosper's customers - soon suffered from problems very similar to those of the original Prosper forum (individuals either inadvertently or intentionally disclosing "too much" personal information), and was itself removed, shortly thereafter.

It is interesting to note that (a later P2P site) - which didn't have a forum (or learn from Prosper's) - was the subject of academic security research into the ability of data miners to use the information contained within LendingClub's on-site loan listings (which were also put up, on LendingClub's own official site, in convenient public downloads in spreadsheet format) to triangulate the identities of LendingClub loan seekers.

LendingClub was disclosing a tremendous amount of personally identifying information about its clients - no "trusting" or "naive" borrowers posting "too much information" to a discussion forum necessary - including pieces of data about its customers such as their: Current Residence, Hometown, Current Employer, Previous Employers, Education History, etc --- LendingClub has since made many changes to its customer information handling.

Prosper never publicly disclosed such information - but, it is safe to say that such early experiences of some users voluntarily disclosing too much information, of their own accord, probably rules out future discussion forums, at least for any security conscious online P2P lending & loan sites.

It's also safe to say that the potential liability issues around running an "unofficial" P2P lending forum mean that I've sided with the professionals.

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